#nofilter – is sustainability real or just gloss?

One of the big challenges for sustainability are long supply chains and poor traceability of products into primary production level, which means that the working conditions and the state of environmental protection are left in the dark. Alko wants to open up the discussion about these and other sustainability challenges under themes #nofilter #transparency and #Alkochallenge. The overarching question is should we all take a moment to think how a filtered reality impacts the world; and how much we let it steer our attitudes, behavior or choices.

In Alko we want to be responsible in everything we do. For a long time we have cooperated with our suppliers and participated in international sustainability cooperation. We have seen that solutions can be found to difficult issues by collaborating. Now we have decided to invite both consumers and companies from other industries into this discussion.

Our #nofilter initiative has three streams of activity. As of October 2016 Alko, in cooperation with a group of Finnish bloggers, challenges consumers to reveal the reality behind the perfect picture. They are sharing their own take on the #nofilter theme: instead of a life which - seen from the outside - resembles a fairytale, real stories and situations behind the pictures are shared. At the same time via our own postings we've openly shared the background and sustainability challenges around Alko’s activities. 

In the third stream we engage our suppliers and the producers in our assortment into the discussion. We have communicated our intent to increase transparency into the challenges in the supply chain, the traceability of the products and the efforts for social and environmental sustainability.

You can join the discussion in English in our Twitter channel @Alko_Sustain using hashtags #Alkochallenge #transparency.