Alko's selections

Alko offers different types of selections through which suppliers can sell their products. For customers, this means a diverse range of thousands of products.

Alko’s selections include thousands of products from dozens of countries. We have four different selections.

Standard selection

For the standard selection, we have chosen products from all over the world. These products form the core of our offering. Most of the standard selection products are always available in our brick-and-mortar shops and webshop. The standard selection consists of about 4,500 products. The products vary from one shop to another, depending on demand and availability. In the webshop, standard selection products can be purchased if suppliers have them in their domestic warehouses.

Special editions products

Special editions products are available in more limited quantities than other products in Alko’s selection. They include quality wines, beers and special strong alcoholic beverages, as well as other rarities. Special editions products can be bought from the webshop subject to availability and from some Alko shops. To confirm the availability of a specific product, please check the product card.

Sale-to-order selection

The sale-to-order selection consists of products that suppliers store in their warehouses and offer for sale through us. You can find all these products on the Alko website. In the webshop, sale-to-order selection products can be purchased if suppliers have them in their domestic warehouses. They are also available in some brick-and-mortar shops, with a view to enriching the shop’s selection.

The sale-to-order selection also includes a range of locally available products. These beverages are provided by small producers. Producers can choose 1–10 Alko shops in which they would like their products to be sold. In addition, they can choose the webshop.

Seasonal products

Seasonal products include products that are in our selection for a limited season.

Green Choice symbols and ethical certifications

Green Choice symbols speak about the commitment of drinks producers in environmental and sustainable development. Ethical certifications focus on ensuring fair treatment of workers in the different phases of production.