Most of Alko’s stores are accessible

About 75 per cent of Alko’s stores are accessible. Use the store search to check in advance whether your own store is accessible.

Everyone benefits from physically accessible store environments – and especially those who use a wheelchair, walker or crutches, and those with prams. It is important to us to ensure that all customers can shop easily at our stores.

Accessibility information can be found on Alko’s website

Information on whether a specific store is accessible can be found via the store search function on Alko’s website in the additional information field for the store – accessible stores are marked with the “accessible” symbol.

If a store is not designated as accessible, the route to the entrance, its entryway or the premises themselves are deficient in a way that hinders mobility. For instance, a store is categorised as non-accessible if the entrance threshold is more than 2 cm high or there is not enough space to turn around in a wheelchair in the store premises.

Alko’s customer service would be happy to help you find an alternative accessible store. We correct deficiencies in accessibility when we carry out store renovations and move to other premises.

Alko evaluated accessibility in early 2022 and published the results on 19 May 2022, the Global Accessibility Awareness Day. This assessment adapted the accessibility evaluation method of the Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities to Alko’s needs. It focused on assessing the realisation of physical accessibility in stores and was carried out by Alko employees at all stores around Finland.