Sale-to-order selection

Sale-to-order selection consists of products supplied by domestic producers and importers. Alko does not keep these product in stock. Customers can order these products using Alko Online shop.

Compared to the general selection, there are some differences in the offering procedure: You can make the offer at any time and there are no searches.

  • There are no tender requests for sale-to-order selection products but the suppliers can offer these products without limits.
  • The sale-to-order selection products will be offered either to category T1 or to categoryT3
    • normal sale-to-order selection products (T1)
    • locally available sale-to-order selection products (T3) (microbreweries and other small producers).
  • The product can be offered using the self-service listing or Alko's Listing service.
  • Sale-to-order selection’s listing date is on every Thursday.